Our Partnership with Linough Inc.

Our Partnership with Linough Inc.

Hmlet Japan Co., Ltd.(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kenichi Sasaki, hereafter Hmlet), which develops “rental housing that will change your way of living”, aims to provide a comfortable life for its residents and has recently introduced “Okihai with Linough”, a delivery service provided by Linough Inc. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kiyoshi Takizawa, hereinafter Linough). It will be installed at 4 properties: Hmlet Sangenjaya, Harajuku, Takanoba and Iwamotocho. Residents of Hmlet’s rental housing will be able to safely receive their packages even when they are not home. Hmlet will continue to aim to provide a more comfortable life for its residents working together with various affiliated services.

Linough’s Delivery Service “Delivery with Linough”

Linough’s Delivery Service “Okihai with Linough”. Introducing “Key for Business”, which is provided by Amazon, and “Ninja Entrance”, a Linough product where deliveries can be made by different delivery companies. They will be installed at the entrance of the rental housing with the auto lock operated by Hmlet. Delivery using “Key for Business” will start first in April. “Key for Business” is a system that allows the driver entrusted with a delivery by Amazon to unlock the auto lock only when the driver has a package to be delivered. “Ninja Entrance” is a system that enables delivery by different delivery companies, and ensures a safe delivery with a secure entrance method that allows only the delivery driver to temporarily unlock the auto-lock entrance. Residents can safely receive their packages in front of their apartment door by selecting “Unattended Delivery Preferences” in the delivery settings of Amazon and other sites in advance. We provide apartment deliveries that are both safe and convenient.

Hmlet is often used by businessman from overseas for medium-term stays of one month or longer, and they can move in with a minimum amount of belongings. For that very reason, they frequently purchase daily necessities they don’t have at shops online, and in addition, since many are single, it was noticeable that they were not at home at the time of delivery. With the introduction of “Unattended Deliveries”, you can receive your package even when you are not at home. You can also receive your package even when the delivery box is full, so you will no longer have to request redelivery. Furthermore, we would like to contribute to solving social issues such as the amount of CO2 emitted from trucks due to the rapid increase of online shopping and redeliveries, and we would like to help tackle environmental problems.

Linough Inc. Company Profile

Business Details: The manufacture and sale of the smart lock branded series “NinjaLock”
The development and operation of the real estate management solution “Linough Smart Service”
Established: November 2014
Representative: Mr. Kiyoshi Takizawa, CEO

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