Our Partnership with Unito Inc.

Our Partnership with Unito Inc.

Hmlet Japan K.K. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Kenichi Sasaki, hereinafter referred to as “Hmlet”), providing “rental housing that brings you new experiences other than just the space”, has recently formed a partnership with Unito Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yutaro Kondo, hereinafter referred to as “Unito”), which is a platform that offers renters a new way of living where they don’t have to pay rent for the days they are away.

Through this partnership, some vacant units of Hmlet Shibuya Shoto and Hmlet Monzennakacho will be listed on Unito. If you move in through Unito, you will be able to use hotel vouchers up to 3 times a month for the hotels affiliated with Unito, as well as other services affiliated with Hmlet and participate in members-only events.

By bringing in users of Unito, we hope to provide an opportunity for Hmlet members to expand their networks.

In the future, Hmlet will continue to provide a more comfortable living experience for members by collaborating with various external services.

Unito: Rental Platform featuring a New Way of Living

Unito is a platform that offers a new living style and a variety of properties and plans depending on the number of days you want to live and the purpose of your stay. For example, you can choose to stay in a fully furnished room with utilities on a monthly plan, or sign up for a sub-base plan where you can stay in other Unito rooms starting from 3 days a month. Through this partnership, the “Transit Housing Plan” has been created.

Transit Housing Plan

Rooms listed on Unito can be rented for as short as one month. Hmlet units come with utilities and Wi-Fi included, so you can start a comfortable new life from the day you move in. In addition, you can use services affiliated with Hmlet (furniture rental, shared bikes etc.) and participate in members-only events. In addition, you can use the hotel voucher up to 3 times a month (with Unito-affiliated hotels).

[Features of Hmlet Rental through Unito]

・Accommodation vouchers for up to three times a month at the unit’s affiliated facilities

・Contracts as short as one month

・Furniture and appliances included

・Utilities and Wi-Fi included

・Free room cleaning service up to once a month

・Use of Hmlet affiliated services

・Members-only events

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Unito Company Profile

Business Description: Development and operation of the platform Unito

Establishment: January 27, 2017

Representative: Yutaro Kondo, Representative Director

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