[SPECIAL DEALS!]Hmlet Nihonbashi Hamacho

Ningyocho in the Nihonbashi Area - Traditional downtown vibes meet modern living

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Enjoy a comfortable Tokyo life at a special price for a limited time! Including furniture and utilities - electricity, gas, and water. Click the "Special Deals" banner above for special pricing details.

Hmlet Nihonbashi Hamacho is perfectly located in a district that seamlessly blends Tokyo's traditional downtown atmosphere with modernity. This vibrant area offers a mix of old-fashioned shopping streets, renowned Japanese confectionery shops, as well as office buildings and commercial facilities, creating a captivating environment for both business and lifestyle pursuits.

Just a stone's throw away, you'll find Ningyocho Street, known for its historic doll shops, immersing you in the rich cultural heritage of Japan. Additionally, nearby are historically significant shrines like Suitengu and Tomioka Hachiman Shrine, allowing you to experience traditional Japanese culture as part of your everyday life.

Hmlet Nihonbashi Hamacho is surrounded by a diverse range of supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants, ensuring utmost convenience for your daily living needs. Furthermore, with four stations within easy reach—Hamacho Station on the Toei Shinjuku Line, Ningyocho Station on both the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and the Toei Asakusa Line, and Suitengumae Station on the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line—you'll enjoy effortless access to various parts of Tokyo via multiple subway lines.

With its superb location and the perfect balance of tradition and modernity, Hmlet Nihonbashi Hamacho offers an exceptional living experience in Tokyo.

Surrounding information (as of April 14, 2023)
・Convenience store: Lawson in 1min
・Supermarket: My Basket in 3min
・Drugstore: Drugpapas in 4min
・Medical care: Hamacho Center Building Clinic in 2min
・Park: Hamacho Park in 3min

Floor Plan

Facility Information

Property details

Property name
[SPECIAL DEALS!]Hmlet Nihonbashi Hamacho
Year built
March 2023
Reinforced concrete structure
Total number of rooms
35 Rooms
Area (㎡)

There is no key money or commission fees when you move in. Choose your contract period and whether or not you want furtniture and insurance. You can make a plan that fits your needs.

Room amenities

  • Two-burner stove
Two-burner stove
  • Three-burner stove
Three-burner stove
  • Separate bath and toilet
Separate bath and toilet
  • Video intercom
Video intercom
  • LAN ethernet socket
LAN ethernet socket
  • Standing washbasin
Standing washbasin
  • Air conditioner
Air conditioner
  • Internet
  • 24-hour ventilation
24-hour ventilation
  • Pets
  • Bathroom ventilation, drying and heating
Bathroom ventilation, drying and heating
  • Bidet-toilet
  • Balcony

Property features

  • Auto lock
Auto lock
  • Delivery box
Delivery box
  • Security cameras
Security cameras
  • Bicycle parking
Bicycle parking
  • Garbage disposal area
Garbage disposal area


Address:2-8-5 Nihonbashi-Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,103-0007
Nearest station:Hamacho Station (Toei Shinjuku Line) in 3min / Ningyocho Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line) in 5min / Ningyocho Station (Toei Asakusa Line) in 5min / Suitengumae Station (Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line) in 7min

Travel time to main stations:Tokyo Station

Hmlet Nihonbashi Hamacho

Main station lines:Tokyo Station

JR Yamanote Line / JR Chuo Line / JR Saikyo Line / JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line / JR Narita Express / Keio Line / Keio New Line / Odakyu Odawara Line / Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Toei Shinjuku Line / Toei Oedo Line

Travel time to main stations:Sinjuku Station

Hmlet Nihonbashi-hamacho

Main station lines:Sinjuku Station

JR Yamanote Line / JR Chuo Line / JR Tokaido Line / JR Sobu Rapid Line/ JR Yokosuka Line / JR Keiyo Line / JR Musashino Line / JR Tokaido Shinkansen / JR Tohoku, Yamagata, Akita Shinkansen / JR Jyoetsu, Nagano Shinkansen / Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

Travel time to main stations:Roppongi Station

Hmlet Nihonbashi-hamacho

Main station lines:Roppongi Station

Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line / Toei Oedo Line

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