My Life at Hmlet Sangenjaya Vol. 01

My Life at Hmlet Sangenjaya Vol. 01

Vol. 01 is about a magazine editor Miss K who is living in Sangenjaya. We asked her why she chose Hmlet and about her daily life.

Outstanding access

K said the reason why she decided to move into Hmlet was because of its great access.

"For my work, I wanted to live along the Denen-toshi Line, which is easy to reach Shibuya and Omotesando. Sangenjaya is 2 stations to Shibuya station, and 1 station on express trains, so it's very convenient.

Also, if I want to take a bus, the bus stop is about a 1-minute walk from Hmlet Sangenjaya. It's helpful because it's easy to go to Mishuku and Ikejiri as well as Shibuya station. "

Sangenjaya is a great place for Miss K, who wants to enhance not only her work life but also her private life.

"My hobbies are beauty and skincare and exercising, and I actively visit beauty salons on my days off.

Many salons and gyms, such as hair salons, nail salons, eyelash extension salons, hot yoga studios, gyms, enzyme baths and face massage salons, are within walking distance of Hmlet. It's easy to go to the gym, so I can keep working out!"

A place to look for your own hobbies

Miss K says that she often visits vintage shops on her days off.

"Sangenjaya has so many vintage shops. On top of that, many of them are open until late at night, so I can casually drop by on my way home from work.

I really like a fairly hidden shop that is 30 seconds by foot from the back door of Hmlet. I'm happy that the price of all of their products are not so high and are reasonable."

ADVANTAGESWhat are Hmlet's good points?

1Coworking space

"When I telework, I use the coworking space. I can work in my own room, but I think maybe I can concentrate more in the coworking space, and I can get more work done. The view is wonderful because it is on the 9th floor."


"I actively participate in events where Hmlet members gather to broaden my horizons. In the cooking lesson, I learned how to make gnocchi from potatoes and how to make tiramisu without eggs."

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