About Hmlet


Recommended for those who want to:

  • Complete a contract online before arriving in Japan
  • Look a process with a simple tenant screening and no guarantor required
  • Search for housing with zero agency fees and key money
  • Move into a furnished room with utilities and WIFI already activated

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  • Move in right away
  • Choose a flexible lease period
  • Live in a furnished room with WIFI
  • Expand their career network
  • Be part of a community
  • New community

Private apartments that combine community living with a new lifestyle

At Hmlet, our goal is to help you expand your network, and enrich your lifestyle and career.
Unlike share houses, Hmlet has private apartments and offers a variety of community events.
Improve your English or Japanese at Hmlet's "Language Cafe" , learn about different styles of work through "career seminars", and enjoy new artistic and culinary cultural experiences. Come and experience a lifestyle of "discovery" with Hmlet!

Three reasons to choose Hmlet

  • 1Live freely
  • 2Live easy
  • 3Live luxuriously

1FreedomLive freely

Plan options

You can choose between Hmlet’s All Inclusive Plan to simplify things for a short trip, or Hmlet’s Residence Plan, specifically geared to help you have an extended stay longer than 6 months. Members can choose the plan that best suits their needs based on their lifestyle, family and work requirement.

2Feel freeLive easy

The challenges of moving

There are two hurdles to moving. The first is the initial cost. With Hmlet apartments, there is no key money, or any hidden brokerage fees!
All of our rooms are also furnished, so you can effortlessly and seamlessly transition into a comfortable life in Japan at a reduced initial cost.
The second hurdle is the troublesome procedures. Normally when renting an apartment, it is difficult because you need to contact and make a contract with each utility provider for electricity, gas, water, Wi-Fi, etc. after you receive the key. At Hmlet, electricity, gas, water, Wi-Fi, etc. are already contracted for you, so you can start your new life comfortably from the day you move in.

3FertileLive luxuriously

Fully supported

If you use the Hmlet resident-only app, you can request room cleaning service with just one click like a hotel. There is also a 24-hour emergency call center, so you can spend everyday comfortably and with peace of mind. (* Cleaning services require a separate prior contract with the service provider.)
In addition, we work together with various partners such as an electric bicycle sharing service and a delivery service to provide a more comfortable and convenient life for our residents.

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