Talk with Hmlet Vol 1.

Talk with Hmlet Vol 1.

With the debut of the new Hmlet Japan website, we are starting a new series on Hmlet Magazine - "Talk with Hmlet". In this series, we interview members to get a close shot of what their life is like living at Hmlet.

A few days ago, we sat down with Hmlet member, Mirian, to hear about what her typical day is like living in Hmlet Takadanobaba. Mirian joined Hmlet in August 2020. She grew up between Okinawa and the U.S and currently works in digital marketing industry.

Hmlet: Miri, thank you for joining us to kick off this new blog series! Could you give us a little introduction on your background?

Mirian: No problem! Born in Okinawa to Japanese mom and Puerto Rican dad, I grew up moving around different parts of the world. I spent my college years in the U.S and started my career in Marketing there, before returning to Japan in January 2019. Now I'm working at a SaaS startup company as their Global Marketing Director. We are a brand building platform aimed to help emerging businesses brand their way to growth.

Member's Favorite Hmlet Experience

Hmlet: Now that you've lived in Hmlet Takadanobaba for over a year, how do you like the community and your life here?

Mirian:  I love the Hmlet staff! Everyone I've met so far is fluent in English and has been fun, friendly, and understanding, given their multinational cultural background. I attended one of the Art Bar events, and it was a blast! It's been a while since we had the opportunity to make art while networking with others. I wish I could have attended the cooking class for Thanksgiving also! 

Work Remotely from Hmlet Takadanobaba

Hmlet: What's your typical day like living in Hmlet? Can you give us a few recommendations on your favorite places near Takadanobaba?

Mirian:  Absolutely! My typical weekday usually goes like this:

10am: Wake up. Basic morning routine and boil water for coffee -- I like to use a French press

10:30am: Start work at home. I can choose between working in my room, downstairs workspace for fewer distractions, or upstairs lounge if I want more sunlight

12-1pm: Lunch break. I try to eat as fast as possible to use the rest of my lunch break to complete personal errands or house cleaning. I usually get Uber Eats or go across the street to Plumeria since they have a filling obento for 650 yen

7:30pm: Get off work and either have plans to meet with friends or try to attend dance class in Shinjuku

Given my tight schedule during the weekdays, I like to explore the neighborhood more on the weekends. A few of my favorite spots near Takadanobaba (in no particular order): 1. 地球を旅するCAFE - Today is my life! 2. Decoboco Kitchen 3. MID café 高田馬場店

What to Expect Moving to Japan as a Foreigner

Hmlet: As someone who's lived in Japan for a few years now, can you give some advice for people who are planning to move to Japan? What to expect in life here?

Mirian: I grew up appreciating the beauty of nature. I love Japan for that you can feel and experience each season so deeply — there's always an adventure you can look forward to! Nature is so, so, beautiful...I love it! And coming from the U.S, nothing can replace the safety we feel as women in Japan.

Career-wise, the typical hierarchy in Japanese firms is not always a pleasant work environment for many people, and if you can't speak the language, the options become very limited. Consequently, popular jobs for foreigners are recruiting positions or English teachers. Both professions can be pretty demanding, but it is viable if you enjoy the job itself or have an end goal and a way out of it. For example, you could dedicate your time to creating content, so once you build up a portfolio, you can have autonomous life here in Japan as a freelancer, etc. Come with a plan to make a difference, and you can succeed!

Hmlet: I completely agree with you. Moving to a new country can be challenging but it’s doable as long as you have a solid plan. Thank you so much, Miri, for sharing with us your experience and advice. I’m sure many will find it insightful!

Mirian: You are very welcome!

While experiencing the distinctive seasons, Mirian likes to capture the beauty of Japan with her camera. Below are a few of her favorite shots.

ADVANTAGESThree reasons to choose Hmlet

1Live freely

You can choose between Hmlet’s All Inclusive Plan to simplify things for a short trip, or Hmlet’s Residence Plan, specifically geared to help you have an extended stay longer than 6 months. Members can choose the plan that best suits their needs based on their lifestyle, family and work requirement.

2Live easy

There are two hurdles to moving. The first is the initial cost. With Hmlet apartments, there is no key money, or any hidden brokerage fees!
All of our rooms are also furnished, so you can effortlessly and seamlessly transition into a comfortable life in Japan at a reduced initial cost.
The second hurdle is the troublesome procedures. Normally when renting an apartment, it is difficult because you need to contact and make a contract with each utility provider for electricity, gas, water, Wi-Fi, etc. after you receive the key. At Hmlet, electricity, gas, water, Wi-Fi, etc. are already contracted for you, so you can start your new life comfortably from the day you move in.

3Live luxuriously

If you use the Hmlet resident-only app, you can request room cleaning service with just one click like a hotel. There is also a 24-hour emergency call center, so you can spend everyday comfortably and with peace of mind. (* Cleaning services require a separate prior contract with the service provider.)
In addition, we work together with various partners such as an electric bicycle sharing service and a delivery service to provide a more comfortable and convenient life for our residents.

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