Day Trip Nakano Shimbashi vol.2

Day Trip Nakano Shimbashi vol.2

Introducing SHUKNOVA, a new facility located in Shinjuku Central Park!

SHUKNOVA is 19-minute walk from Hmlet Nakano Shimbashi. Why not spend your weekends here at this brand new facility opened in July 2020?

12:15-12:45  PARKERS TOKYO

PARKERS TOKYO is a facility with a yoga studio, bouldering gym and run station. Located in a park at the center of the city, PARKERS TOKYO allows you to enjoy the nature while working out. You can visit by purchasing a monthly membership or pay per drop in. This time I tried a yoga class (¥3,000/class). They provide yoga mat rental for¥300 so you don’t have to bring any equipment. Reception is on 2F, and the staff will kindly tour you around on your first visit. Since the building is newly built, the facility is very clean and pleasant to use. The window of the yoga studio is very big (see picture below)! You’ll get energized mentally and physically while being surrounded by the abundance of greenery.

Lockers, showers and power rooms are also provided so you don’t have to worry about sweating. It’s great to have this facility nearby in a big city. Let’s make up for the exercise we’ve been lacking on weekdays and build an active and healthy lifestyle!

13:00-14:30 Musashi no Mori Diner

After recharging your body, let’s head to SHUKNOVA 1F for lunch at Musashi no Mori Diner. For those who want to have a filling lunch, they have options such as burger, curry and omelet rice. And for those who want to have a healthy meal, they also have plenty of dishes with vegetables. If you are in the mood for something sweet, they are also famous for their pancakes. The restaurant provides free Wi-Fi and power outlets, so you can get some work done. The terrace seating is spacious and open, and we saw plenty of people came here with baby strollers and pets.

14:30-15:30 Walk in the park

Let’s get coffee from SHUKUNOVA 1F after lunch. The terrace seating here is also a pleasant place to sit back and relax. If you have the capacity to walk more, take a stroll around the park with a drink in hand. Enjoy the seasonal plants as you make your way around the Shinjuku Central Park. There are many ways to spend time here, as you can see lots of people are having picnics on the lawn or playing badmintons. Around fountains such as Shinjuku Niagara Falls or Shinjuku Shiraito Falls, you can find plenty of benches to catch your breath on. It’s a good idea to take a photo with the background of Tokyo Metropolitan Government. It’s easy to find tables and chairs throughout the park, so feel free to find your own favorite way to spend your time here.

15:30-16:30 Eco Gallery Shinjuku

Finally, we stop by the Eco Gallery Shinjuku in Shinjuku Central Park. Operated and managed by the nonprofit organization Shinjuku Environmental Activity Net, Eco Gallery Shinjuku is free admission to the public. The first floor has exhibitions and activity rooms related to environmental activities. The Environmental Learning Information Centre on 2F has a library where you can read environment-related books. At the Global Warming Prevention Corner, you can learn about the environment while participating in fun activities, such as pedaling to generate electricity to turn on a LED light bulb.


How about spending a day to recharge your energy at Shinjuku Central Park and SHUKNOVA near Hmlet Nakano Shimbashi?

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