Day Trip to Yoyogi Uehara vol.1

Day Trip to Yoyogi Uehara vol.1

Weekend at Yoyogi Uehara

The Yoyogi Uehara area has plenty of stores with good taste, and it’s fun to explore on foot. This time, we are introducing fun ways to spend your days off in this area with a few recommendations of our favorite shops. Yoyogi Uehara is a hilly area, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes!

Have brunch at Boulangerie et Cafe Main Mano

Conveniently located 1 minute walk from the station and 5 minutes walk from Hmlet Yoyogi Uehara, Boulangerie et Cafe Main Mano is reminiscent of the 16th arrondissement of Paris. “Main Mano” means “hand” in French and Italian, and the name was inspired by the desire to connect hand to hand with the handmade bread. You can reserve bread by calling in advance. The cafe opens at 8am, and it’s convenient to grab breakfast in front of the station. Since it’s your day off, why not sleep in a bit more and get brunch here? The “Main Mano brunch” is a luxurious set that includes a croissant with fermented butter, assorted bread, soup and a drink. You can fully enjoy yourself at this popular cafe with refillable bread. Enjoy the blissful time as a reward on your day off.

Worship at Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center

The Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center is said to be the largest Islamic mosque in Japan. It has become a symbol of Yoyogi Uehara, with an eye-catching appearance from a distance. It is operated by the Turkish Religious Office. For those who want to travel abroad, they can have a taste of a different culture by visiting here. The admission is free, and people can learn about the Islamic culture from this delightfully designed facility, which has a Culture Center and a multi-purpose room on the first floor and a worship hall on the second floor. The enchanting decoration is breathtakingly beautiful. Light shining through the stained glass changes the appearance of the chapel, so coming here at different times of the day is an advantage that can only be enjoyed by people living in this neighborhood. When you enter the chapel, you cannot wear revealing clothes. Women must also cover their hair, and there are scarves available for loan at the entrance. Let’s respect other cultures and visit with good manners!

Have lunch in “Shibuya Hanten”

“Shibuya Hanten” is a bistro that only operates during lunch, at a share-kitchen facility called 36.5c Kitchen in front of the train station. The restaurant located on B1F features an open kitchen style, and being able to see and hear the chef working on the dishes is sure to boost your appetite. The signature dish here is the pork stew set. It’s well seasoned with Chinese spices and soaked with authentic flavor. The stewed pork is soft and tender and can be easily poked through by chopsticks. The small dishes in the set are not only delicious, but also presented in a good size and with cute design, making the whole set appetizing. Soup and Pu’er tea after the meal are also included in the set. Rice can also be changed to a bigger size for free. You can enjoy your meal in a pleasant mood while accompanied by the bright Chinese music in the background.

Visit the Yoyogi Hachimangu Shrine

Yoyogi Hachimangu is a landmark in Yoyogi, and it’s surrounded by so much green that you wouldn’t even think it’s in Tokyo. It’s a powerful spot with a mysterious and sacred atmosphere. Enjoy bathing in the forest while breathing in and out the negative ions emitted from the trees. After visiting the main shrine, don’t forget to visit the Shusse Inari Shrine also located here. It’s said that many businessmen and celebrities come here to pray for success. Please be sure to pray for yourself and your loved ones for success in life.


How was our recommendation for spending a day off at Yoyogi Uehara? You’ll never get bored living here, as there is so much awaiting to be explored! 

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