Day Trip Yoyogi Uehara vol.2

Day Trip Yoyogi Uehara vol.2

Walking around Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park is 12 minutes walk from Hmlet Yoyogi Uehara, and it’s a perfect destination for a relaxing stroll. Why not come to this oasis in the metropolis for digital detox while enjoying nature?

Get takeout from CAMELBACK sandwich&espresso

CAMELBACK has a unique and stylish logo mark that’s just like its name. This café mainly offers takeout, but those who prefer to dine in can enjoy freshly prepared food on the benches in front of the store. A popular item here is the egg sandwich. The "Sushiya no Tamago Sandwich" made by a former sushi chef is a perfect combination of omelet with dashi broth and fluffy bread, so be sure to try it. We also have a wide selection of other sandwiches. Order with their specialty coffee and enjoy a picnic in Yoyogi Park. The taste of sandwiches under the blue sky is exceptional.

Yoyogi Park is a great place to spend your time

Yoyogi Park is said to be able to see the widest view of the sky in central Tokyo. There are endless ways to enjoy the park, whether alone, with friends, or as a couple. It can be refreshing to enjoy a meal on the picnic sheet or lie down and look up at the sky. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, spending time reading or meditating in the shades is another way to spend time. Why not spend some time in nature and forget about the busyness of daily life, and organize your thoughts? This huge park is also equipped with running and cycling paths, perfect for days when you want to exercise. Bicycles can be rented at the Cycling Center. There are also plenty of other spots where you can enjoy activities, such as the basketball court donated by Nike, the track and field stadium, and the soccer field. On weekends, food festivals, dance festivals, flea markets, and other events are sometimes held in the area, so be sure to check out the event information before you go out. You can enjoy the changing seasons with cherry blossoms and autumn leaves. During the Christmas season, the illumination of the "Blue Cave" is also a spectacular sight.

Explore a relaxing time at Nephew

There are many great restaurants in the area around Yoyogi Park. Let's head to our destination while fantasizing about which restaurant we will visit next time. Cafe "nephew" is a blue-toned house in a quiet alley behind Yoyogi Uehara Station. If you are lucky, the nice sofa seating and tables on the staircase may be available. The lemon seed poppy cake is a pound cake with a dense texture. The poppy texture of the seed is interesting, and the gentle sweetness that follows the fresh flavor is addictive. The latte with a strong aroma of coffee is also very tasty and makes you feel relaxed and happy. The bar is open at night, so you can enjoy yourself in a more mature way.


The Yoyogi Park area, within walking distance from Hmlet Yoyogi Uehara, is full of attractions. Refresh yourself in the park, explore the cafes in the area, and enjoy a fulfilling time on your day off.

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