Day Trip Yoyogi Uehara vol.3

Day Trip Yoyogi Uehara vol.3

Cafe Hopping!

Yoyogi Uehara is a neighborhood with a lot of cool cafes. Within walking distance from Hmlet Yoyogi Uehara, there are lots of places we want to introduce you to. Don’t just go Bar Hopping, let’s also enjoy Cafe Hopping!

Fireking cafe

This is a gallery cafe, which is rarely seen. From the moment you walk in, you are immediately enchanted by beautiful wall art. Once you sit down, you can still appreciate the art all over the wall from wherever you sit. It would be interesting to experience the different atmosphere of the cafe each time if you become a regular. Even the restrooms are artistic, and the gorgeous mirrors make you feel like an actress. I like that it’s located right in front of the station, and is open from noon until midnight. It’s a great place for working, meeting or taking a break since Wi-Fi is available here. In addition to coffee, you also have the choice of other drinks such as herbal tea. It’s a cozy place for whenever you want to visit, whether for lunch, coffee or dinner.

Sigourney Bake & Coffee

Here’s where you can enjoy a variety of British-styled bakery goods. The shop is located on the 2nd floor of a building 3 minutes walk from Yoyogi Uehara Station. The dry flowers and plants beautifully decorate the store and soothe your soul. Enjoy English scones, apple pie, banana bread, and other baked goods that will make you feel like you are on a trip to England. The menu also has other dishes such as meat pie and fish & chips. With the delicious food and drink, you are sure to enjoy the amazing interiors and take some Instagram-worthy photos.

Shujitsu One

This is a cafe bar with an eye-catching exterior of plants. The cafe provides coffee, sweets, craft beer, vin nature wine and food that goes well with alcoholic drinks. There’s also a flower shop in the cafe. Surrounded by plenty of flowers, you can enjoy your meal in this very happy space. You can enjoy a drink from noon, have lunch while admiring the vivid flowers in the store, and even purchase your favorite flowers to take home. This is an unusual place where you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

Minimal Bean to Bar Chocolate

This is a cute little shop tucked away in a quiet alley. The concept of the shop is “a new chocolate experience born from the philosophy of subtraction.” The idea is to bring out the original taste in cacao by removing the excessive. The chocolates are made by artisans in the shop’s private workshop using high-quality cacao beans from cacao farms around the world. At the eat-in area, it’s popular to do a tasting comparison of different gateau chocolate. Pairing with coffee, wine, beer or nihonshu is also possible. You can enjoy your precious free time here. The Yoyogi Uehara store has some limited seasonal menu items, so make sure to check it out at the store. For those who want to savor the aroma and taste of cocoa and enjoy it at home, you can order take out as well.


How was it? There are still lots of good cafes in the Yoyogi Uehara area waiting to be explored. Please try to check out the cafes of your interest during your free time!

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