Talk with Hmlet Vol.2

Talk with Hmlet Vol.2

“Talk with Hmlet” is a column that features different Hmlet members, as we get to know their life and work through conversations.

The second interview is with Shun-san, who has lived in several Hmlet properties including Sangenjaya and Harajuku.

Hmlet: Shun-san, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with us. Could you please give us an introduction on your background first?

Shun: I’m Shun from Shanghai. I was originally living in Singapore, and I moved to Japan for work. My office is around the Otemachi area. I’ve been living in Hmlet properties for about 2 years now. I first lived in Sangenjaya and now I’m at Hmlet Harajuku.

Hmlet: So you moved from Singapore to Japan. Did you know Hmlet when you were in Singapore?

Shun: When I was searching for an apartment in Tokyo, I searched for something like “Tokyo Apartment '' and Hmlet Japan showed up in the result. I’ve also heard of it when I was in Singapore, so I was able to rent with peace of mind.

Hmlet: What made you choose Hmlet?

Shun: The main reason was convenience and flexibility. No excessive fees, such as key money, is required and the procedures were easy. Also, Hmlet staff are very friendly and can communicate well in English. It was a big plus for me that the contract process can be carried out in English.

Hmlet: I know that Shun-san you also participated in a lot of events.

Shun: Yes, I’ve participated in the running event and pottery class. Recently I also came to the ArtBar event. I especially enjoyed the ArtBar event because I’m learning to sketch as a hobby. I also liked having conversation over drinks, so I was able to enjoy myself a lot at the ArtBar event when drinking and conversations are combined. I got to know other members who are from different countries and spoke different languages, as well as Hmlet staff who I became close with.

Hmlet: The events are good for networking, right?

Shun: Yeah that’s right. I’m also quite interested in sports. I noticed that Hmlet recently added bouldering events. I want to try that as well. Tokyo Metropolitan Gym is also 10 minutes walk from Hmlet Harajuku. I go there quite often to use the gym and pool.

Hmlet: Are there other things you like about Hmlet Harajuku?

Shun: Since I often go to Shinjuku and Shibuya for eating and drinking, Hmlet Harajuku provides easy access to bustling areas like those. Also, I want my home to be relaxing, therefore I think it’s good to live in a quiet neighborhood such as Hmlet Harajuku.
The streets in this area are also nice, and there are many beautiful houses with amazing exterior designs. There are other spots where you can feel Japanese culture, and colorful exterior walls where models are being photographed. When I take a walk, my eyes are so distracted by everything. I also managed to find a few of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood.

Hmlet: It sounds like a lot of fun to live in this area. By the way, what type of restaurant do you like?

Shun: There’s a Thai restaurant in a building about 10-minutes walk from here. I know the owner of the place and I also became friends with the staff. It was fun to enjoy the good food and conversation with people that work there.

Hmlet: Any dish you recommend there?

Shun: I recommend Khao Man Gai! There’s also a yakiniku restaurant nearby. I later found out that the staff was from Shanghai as well. It was a lot of fun enjoying food and cracking jokes with each other.

Hmlet: I think Shun-san’s personality is the reason he gets along with the restaurant staff so well. Every time we go to events, Shun-san always makes the atmosphere relaxing and makes everyone comfortable. What kind of events would you like to participate in the future?

Shun: Now that the restrictions have eased, I would be really happy to attend events like picnics where we can enjoy meals outside. It’s too hot in summer, but once the weather gets more comfortable, I want to enjoy conversation with Hmlet staff and other members.

Hmlet: We will continue to plan all kinds of events in the future, and we would be happy to see you participating in the ones of your interest! Thank you very much for your time today!

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1Live freely

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There are two hurdles to moving. The first is the initial cost. With Hmlet apartments, there is no key money, or any hidden brokerage fees!
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3Live luxuriously

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In addition, we work together with various partners such as an electric bicycle sharing service and a delivery service to provide a more comfortable and convenient life for our residents.

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